Subha Bakhair Good Morning Quotes in Urdu

“Subha Bakhair” is a friendly Urdu greeting that translates to “Good morning.” It represents the spirit of a new beginning and the beauty of a new day. This phrase appears on in numerous forms such as graphics, poetry, and blogs, illuminating the website with valuable content. Its strength rests in instilling a sense of enthusiasm and refreshment as it welcomes the dawn, and it brightens life with intriguing and intelligent content.


دل سے دُعا ہے یہ میری خدا سے”

“غم تیرے مقدر میں تو کیا تصور میں بھی نہ آئیں

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ہر موڑ پر خوشیاں تیری جھولی میں آئیں”

اتنی ہوں خوشیاں تم سے سمیٹی نہ جائیں

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